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Calming Treats for Dogs by KarmaPets

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REDUCE DOGGY STRESS WITHOUT MEDS – KarmaPets chews are a natural supplement that can bring your pet’s emotions back into balance. No more whimpering or running from a hug. No more growling (or worse) at friends or family. Get your doggy back.

SAFELY CALMING WITHOUT DROWSINESS – Most anxiety “medications” cover up bad feelings with a mask of drowsiness. Not KarmaPets chews. Our unique formula keeps your pooch alert while still enjoying a calm and happy state of mind.

BALANCE BRAIN CHEMISTRY WHEN STRESSED – Sometimes your dog will be stressed out even when there is no danger (nail-clipping, bathing, car rides, storms). A calming supplement, given before or during the stressor, can prevent unnecessary suffering.

ORGANIC, HEALTHY INGREDIENTS (NO SIDE EFFECTS) – You will get our verified combination of healthy ingredients, including amino acid L-theanine (found in tea), and organic hemp oil. There are no known cases of side effects in pets from any KarmaPets ingredient.

100% NO-HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not happy, we don’t want your money. If your doggy doesn’t like the treats, or you have second thoughts or any other reason at all, tell us and we will happily give you back your money.

Does your dog suffer from irrational stress?

Many dogs freak out at things that are good for them:

  • Nail-trimming,
  • Bathing,
  • Going to the vets,
  • Staying with a dogsitter,
  • Going for a car ride with the family.

Others find it difficult to handle other things that are unavoidable:

  • Being left alone in the day,
  • Being around a vacuum cleaner,
  • Adjusting to a new family,
  • Sitting through a thunderstorm.

Owners feel helpless as they watch their pooch cower, shake, cry, or whimper when there is nothing to be scared of. They wish their pets could understand that they are safe and loved. And when their dog growls or snaps at people who only want to offer them love and affection, it can be equally frustrating! Random urination and vomiting is also bad for both dog and owner. I don’t care what anyone says – your dog knows when he’s done something that frustrates you, even if he couldn’t help himself. You can tell he feels ashamed.

All these problems can be treated. That’s why we created KarmaPets Calming Treats.

We want your dog to be both happy and healthy, so we combined organic and naturally-occurring ingredients that work with each other to promote a calm and happy state of mind with your furry friend.

The effect is fast and you will be able to notice the difference.

Amino acid L-theanine has been used for millennia as a calming agent. It occurs naturally in tea. L-theanine encourages the brain to produce a more natural dopamine (a happy neurotransmitter) and GABA (a calming neurotransmitter). We combined this wonderful substance with hemp oil (sourced from a USDA approved, FDA registered organic hemp farm). This miracle oil promotes hormonal balance, healthy skin, and myelination of nerve cells.

Theanine and hemp oil work synergistically to promote healthy emotions in your pet without any chance of addiction or dependence (as with many antidepressant drugs that some people put in their pets!).

Note: We kept palm oil far away from our formula. Palm oil seems to be fine for human consumption, but it hurts dogs (similar to chocolate). Dogs have been rushed to hospital after ingesting palm oil. In addition to this, palm oil farming is wrecking natural habitats the world over at an alarming rate. We guarantee that palm oil will never touch our product.

KarmaPets customers report IMPROVEMENTS, in many stress-related issues:

  • Airplane-anxiety
  • Vomiting during car journeys
  • Destructive chewing
  • Separation-caused urination
  • Joint pain
  • Grooming stress
  • Dogsitter freak-outs
  • Dinner-guest aggression
  • Fighting other dogs

These behaviors are difficult to train out of a dog. Some might be due to past experiences that you had nothing to do with, particularly if your doggy is a rescue. In that case “doggy therapy” might be the only other recourse. These options can cost a fortune and take years to work, if they ever work at all.

That’s not good enough if your best friend is suffering now.

You can try out our chews and see if they make a difference today. Many of our happy customers use their chews before a stressful situation, such as nail-grooming, visiting the vet, or vacuuming the house. Others like to keep their little guy stable by supplementing his diet with the chews while they continue to train them and love them.

KarmaPets chews are produced in the USA and can be shipped in any weather conditions where travel is possible. If you or your doggy are unhappy with the product for any reason at all, just tell us and we will refund your money without even asking you to explain why.

2 reviews for Calming Treats for Dogs by KarmaPets

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fantastic! Really helped calm my bull dog down.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my 4th order! They always arrive much sooner that expected and in good condition. I have been giving them to my 2 1/2 yr old Aussidoodle for a few months and he is much more relaxed and focused. He was on Trazodone for anxiety and now is completely off of it except for an extreme circumstance here and there. We LOVE them!

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