Hearing the news of cancer can be tough for anyone to hear, especially if your feline friend is diagnosed with it. There are many ways that you can treat it, and your vet will be able to suggest the best option for you.

Your cat will probably be suffering from pain because of cancer or from the treatment, but there are ways that you can help your cat from your own home, by giving it CBD. CBD cannot only help relieve your cat’s pain, but it can also help stop the growth of cancer too.

Before we delve any deeper into this let’s look at how common cancer is in cats.

Cat cancer isn’t actually that popular and according to PetMD, the cancer rates for cats are a staggering 50% lower compared to the cancer rates in dogs. However, if your cat does have cancer sometimes this can be extremely tricky to discover, as they are experts at knowing how to hide their symptoms. Because of this fact it means that the cancer is able to spread a lot more quickly before it is treated, and this can lead to worse circumstances for your feline’s health. If your cat is of an older age it’s always best to go and get them checked regularly, this is because cancer is more prone in old age.

Why do cats get cancer?

Cancer is a disease and it is actually caused by abnormal cell growth. These cells will normally keep on multiplying until they start to form a lump on your cat; this is then called a tumor. Some of these tumors are not always cancerous, if they are not then they will be classed as benign, but if they are then they will be classed as malignant.

If cancer starts to develop in an organ, like the bladder, brain or lung, this is when it can get nasty, as the more it grows the more it will affect the functioning of that specific organ, which will lead to more problems.

There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of your cat getting cancer. This can be anything from nutrition, viruses or even environmental factors. Plus, your cat’s genes can have an impact on whether or not they are more likely to get cancer.

Some Common Causes Of Cancer In Cats

Dr Joanne Intile mentions in her article on PETMD some of the causes of cat cancer:

  • Spaying:  If a cat is spayed after its six months old then it has a higher chance of developing mammary cancers. This is actually very similar to breast cancer in humans. The reason they develop this is due to the hormones that are released when the cat enters the heating season, therefore because of this, it can cause mutations in the mammary tissue, which will then lead to cancer.
  • Environmental factors: even just by smoking around a cat you will be increasing its chances of developing oral cancer. Studies have previously shown that there is a correlation between the tobacco smoke and this specific type of cancer. Even if you are just smoking near the cat this can still happen, as the smoke particles from the cigarette will get trapped in the cat’s fur, and when it is licking its coat the smoke particles are able to enter its mouth.
  • Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: Both of these viruses can develop into cancer, particularly lymphoma cancer. Just by being diagnosed with the feline leukemia virus it will increase their risk of developing this cancer by 60 times more, which is pretty serious. If your cat has feline immunodeficiency virus they will be five times more likely to get lymphoma.

So what are the most common cancers in cats?

There are many different types of cancers, and every cat will always be at the risk of getting at least one type. However, your cat may be lucky and never develop it. Lymphoma is actually the most common cancer for cats. Lymphoma can be pretty nasty and it affects the white blood cells that are called lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes actually move around the body through the lymphatic system, which then helps your body fight diseases, viruses and other threats that we could face. This makes it even more vicious, as the cancer is able to spread to other areas. This type of cancer affects cats between the ages of two and six.

Other Cancers That Your Cat Is At Risk

However, lymphoma is not only cancer that cats can get. Here’s a list of some of the others:

  • Fibrosarcoma: the fibroblasts are a specific type of cell that is found in connective tissue, and this is what cancer effects. There is a whole range of reasons why your feline friend may develop this, but it must be noted that it is known to develop in the same location to where your cat normally gets its injections.
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma: This is actually a type of skin cancer, and it usually forms on the eyelids, ears or the nose. It has been known to form in other unexpected areas, like the mouth. This type of cancer accounts for 10% of all of the cancers that cats are diagnosed with.

How Would I Know If My Cat Has Cancer?

It can be extremely difficult to tell if cats have cancer or not, as they don’t show any symptoms. This isn’t just with cancer but you will notice they never show any symptoms of being sick with any illness or disease. I’m sure if you’re a cat owner you would have noticed this.

Some cancers are also known not to produce any symptoms, or the symptoms might be very similar to another condition, like vomiting or diarrhea. However, there is one massive symptom that you should always look out for and that is a lump. This is something that you should not miss. Plus, another thing to look out for is the noises that your cat makes when it breathes, because cancers can build-up fluid in the lungs, which will make breathing very difficult for them. One other thing you should keep your eyes peeled for is whether your cat is tired all the time or even if they have gone off of their food could be a sign that something’s not quite right.

Prevent Cats From Getting Cancer

There are a couple of things that you are able to do to help decrease your cat’s chances of getting cancer. This can include:

  • Getting your cat spayed, so the risk of mammary cancer will not be as high.
  • Another very important thing you should always balance is your cat’s diet, and just by them eating healthily it can also reduce the risk of them developing certain types of cancer.
  • If you smoke then it is best not to do this around your cat, as it is able to damage their lungs, and has links to oral cancer.
  • Another thing to do is to make sure that they stay away from chemicals that contain carcinogens, as this can be very dangerous to them.
  • There are other chemicals that can increase your feline’s chances of getting cancer, for instance, lawn chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.
  • If you want to try and help prevent your cat from developing any type of cancer then you can actually give it health supplements, which have anticancer effects. An example of this would be CBD.

So how can CBD help cats that have cancer?

More and more people are starting to use CBD infused products. This is because it has a whole range of benefits that will help any animal, in fact, it can even help if your pet has epilepsy, inflammation, skin conditions, and it can also help with pain relief. However, it can even help your cat if it develops cancer, as it has anti-tumor effects.

Research has been conducted into CBD over many years, and all of the conclusions from this prove that CBD is able to prevent the growth and spread of tumors.

You may be wondering how on earth can this substance stop the growth of cancer, but don’t worry we’ll explain everything to you.

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, MA, researched the effects that CBD has on cancer back in 2011. They specifically looked at breast cancer cells. This research wasn’t actually conducted on any living animal, as it was all controlled in a test tube/sample dish.

The researched showed that CBD actually helped prompt the programmed death of cancer cells. While it did this it caused minimal to no damage to the other healthy cells. Although the study showed the best results possible it wasn’t very visible how CBD managed to do this exactly.

One thing that is known is that CBD actually reacts with the endocannabinoid system.  The endocannabinoid system is made up of two receptors, which are CB1 and CB2. These receptors are all around the brain and the body of a cat. When the CB receptors are stimulated in the brain, it is then that your pet will start feeling the pain relief, the inflammation should die down, and the feeling of nausea should stop, as well as vomiting. However, when the researchers observed the endocannabinoid system they noticed the effects that were happening were not related to the cannabinoid receptor activity. Something they did notice was that the CBD somehow helped organize the demolition of the damaged tissue, which then programmed the death of the damaged cells.

The evidence that was shown is massive news, as it means that CBD may, in fact, help regulate the growth and death of cells.

So will this stop tumor growth and metastasis?

Breast Cancer Research has been trying to find different ways to cure cancer ever since they were founded. In 2011 they also published a very similar research study about CBD and breast cancer cells. This study is slightly different from the previous one, as it was actually conducted on mice rather than in a test tube.

They concluded that CBD actually helped slow down the rapid growth of the breast cancer cells. This was not the only thing they found out though, as they discovered that CBD reduced the metastasis of the tumor cells. Because of what they found after conducting the research they suggested that there should be more studying done about CBD and its anti-tumor effects. To do this they suggested that there should be further clinical trials.

These are not the only studies that have come to a similar conclusion, as in 2003 other researchers used cannabinoid receptors (these are called CB1 and CB2) that had healthy and cancerous skin cells, which were found in mice.

After they found these receptors they targeted them by applying two chemical (they are called WIN-55,212-2 and JWH-133) compounds that actually imitate the same effects of cannabinoids. From the endocannabinoid system becoming reacted by the receptors in the skin they managed to discover that this compound actually prompted the death of the cell and decreased the growth of the vicious skin cancers.

Do other people use CBD to help cat cancer?

Even though there has been tons of research into the effects CBD has on cancer, you may question whether people have ever used it to help out their feline friends that may be suffering from cancer. We have all the answers for you, and here’s what some of them had to say about using CBD on their cat:


Lyra was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer at just eight years of age, her owner said: “ My beloved cat, Lyria, now eight years old, was diagnosed with lymphoma in January. The veterinary oncologist recommended the most aggressive chemo treatment available, and I’m not going to lie, I considered it, but ultimately decided to go the holistic route. I started with the Canna-Pet regular formula and then bumped her up to the advanced formula. Since we have had her on Canna-Pet Advanced Formula the improvement in her overall health and well-being has been nothing short of remarkable, extraordinary, and miraculous. The tumor is shrinking daily, and is practically gone! It used to be the size of a golf ball and now it is smaller than a pea. Her energy is back to normal and she’s eating more heartily than ever.


Seti was diagnosed with bone cancer on his face, here’s what his owner had to say about using CBD: “ Seti was diagnosed with bone cancer in his face several years ago, and due to the cat’s physiology, he was unable to continue pain meds. My vet advised that there was nothing more than we could do for him, and suggested euthanasia. Seti wasn’t showing us that he was ready, so I researched and found Canna-Pet. The swelling in his face has not returned, the vomiting is controlled, as well as any pain. He’s 16, and though I know that we won’t have him forever, the Canna-Pet has prolonged his life.”


Khouie was diagnosed with large cell B-lymphoma and his owner used CBD to relieve his symptoms, here’s what he had to say: “ Khouie was my rescue kitty for 9 years! He was the best cat I have ever had! So, mellow, so sweet. He developed diabetes in 2015 and went through a couple of bouts of ketoacidosis, a surgery to remove a GI obstruction and a diagnosis of large cell B-Lymphoma all within a 1.5-year time span. I wish I had known about Canna-Pet sooner! Khouie could no longer fight his cancer when he lost his mobility and stopped eating, we found Canna-Pet and started putting the concentrated oil in his food in a dropper and noticed an instant relief.”

What CBD products are the best products?

CBD can really help your cat out if it has fallen a victim to cancer, you may want to try it, but you’re not sure where to even start with searching for the best products. You don’t need to worry about this, as we’ve done the research for you.  There are two brands that offer the best CBD products; one of them is called HolistaPet. They are known to be a very reliable brand and sell a whole range or CBD products that can be used for your cat, and they offer it in different forms like, oils and treats.

The other product that is highly recommended is Canna-Pet, a lot of people have said very good reviews about this. They offer CBD in the form of capsules for cats and they also provide advanced CBD capsules, which will be stronger for your feline.


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