In all honesty, I am sure you know your horse better than I do.  I am certain that she must be very active and is always looking forward to you taking her outside on a ride.  However, you need to know the truth and that’s exactly what we shall take you through. In as much as horses are popular as very active beings, they are also likely to suffer from different types of health issues

I know you are aware of this.

But, I will tell you about a safer, natural supplement which is produced from cannabis and even hemp. This supplement can be a great option in helping with the treatment of health issues popularly experienced by horses. With this special edition of our article, I will be examining CBD a compound that is very popular for the health benefits it offers, I will also disclose to you how you can make use of this in ensuring that your horse is healthy and happy.


Why Should You Use CBD With Your Horse?

Cannabidiol is a component found in cannabis as well as hemp. Offering a horse this compound might seem outrageous but this is not really the case. Current research indicates that cannabidiol has diverse medicinal abilities and that it is effective for animals as well as humans which can help in dealing with diverse symptoms. As soon as CBD gets into the body, the effects it produces are regulated by the Endocannabinoid system(ECS) which is a system that naturally occurs in every mammal. The system is comprised of different receptors as well as neurological pathways.

We may not know exactly how this system works completely but current research  indicates that the system is involved in the management of different processes in the body which are inclusive of:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Metabolism and appetite
  • Stress
  • Emotions and mood
  • Neurogenesis

You may be wondering why your horse and yourself have this system which is particularly designed in the processing of compounds that comprise the cannabis. Actually, the ECS system produces two compounds which are anandamide and 2-AG, these two compounds have a similar structure with CBD as well as different compounds that the cannabis plant produces. In this case, the moment one consumes CBD or even their horses, the compounds imitate effects produced by the chemicals produced in the body naturally. By doing this, it helps in boosting the ECS system while giving one a balance to the body, offering relief from different conditions and symptoms.


WHO on CBD and Mental Conditions

The World Health Organization last year announced that CBD can aid in diverse problems such as mental conditions inclusive of Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, as well as inflammation. A great example is numerous studies indicating that cannabidiol as well as different cannabinoids can aid in fighting chronic inflammation as well as swelling that is brought about by Arthritis. Cannabinoid receptors that comprise the ECS system are found all over the body. Through interaction with such receptors, CBD and different compounds have the ability to set off a biological set of events that helps in reducing inflammation on the joints.

It is a fact that CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, have the potential for fighting inflammation of the brain which are brought about by mental conditions such as Parkinson’s. This is not the end of the benefits that humans and pets can experience from CBD. I will be taking an in-depth look into this below. I am sure you could be saying the following to yourself: “I am in no way administering pot to my horse!” The best news about this is that you do not have to ask this. My initial research on CBD began the moment my dog fell ill, she was suffering from cancer and hip dysplasia.

I was very skeptical initially just as a majority of pet owners, it did not matter the number of great stories people told me about cannabidiol, I never got to see myself giving Rosie some weed. I am grateful to the time I spent doing my research as I gathered that CBD was not the same as marijuana used in most cases for recreational purposes. Marijuana is produced from flowers of the female cannabis plant. The flowers are harvested, they are then dried then smoked to produce THC which is a chemical compound.

This happens to be the psychoactive compound found in cannabis and usually gives people the “high” that is commonly associated with the plant.CBD, on the other hand, is a totally different compound. This compound is also found in the flowers though hemp has this in high concentration and hemp also hails from the cannabis family and has very low levels of THC. That said, CBD does not give the high effects that THC provides.  There is research to back the fact that CBD does not produce any side effects and it is safe for use. The moment I got to differentiate CBD from marijuana, my perspective was changed and this is the time I made a decision to give my dog CBD supplements.   You will later get to know why I was happy that I gave this a try.


What Symptoms in Horses Will CBD Help?

CBD is capable of offering aid for numerous medical conditions. Horses are not an exception as far as vulnerability to suffering from a set of conditions. While I was researching, I came across commonly experienced health issues in horses and these are inclusive of:

  • Arthritis: Being active animals, it is common for them to end up experiencing degeneration on their joints as they grow older. This mostly occurs in the fetlock as well as knees.
  • Gastric Ulcers: These are painful and may actually affect the appetite, appearance and even the nature of your horse.
  • Desmitis:  It manifests itself as an inflammation of the ligaments and most especially in the suspensory as well as the collateral ligaments in their legs as well as the coffin joint.  A common symptom of this condition is lameness.
  • Laminitis: This condition manifests itself as a chronic inflammation of the laminae, which is a tiny soft tissue structure that is located in the hoof and causes very bad pain.
  • Colic: This condition is characterized by severe pain of the abdomen.

Majority of the conditions explained above usually manifest through chronic inflammation and pain and these two symptoms are likely to be extremely derailing. The good news is that CBD has shown the ability to help ease the two as indicated in studies done on CBD. Just as with different cannabinoids, cannabidiol has shown its potential in suppressing pain signals as well as pathways found in the body, providing quick and relief though temporarily  from diverse kinds of pain. As far as inflammation is concerned, CBD provides a boost to the activities involved in the ECS system, kick-starting different processes in the body helping in the reduction of the inflammation and any swelling. This is one of the reasons why CBD has to grow in popularity as medication for people suffering from arthritis, inflammation of the bowel and different conditions that cause inflammation and pain.

Actually, I used CBD on my dog Rosie to treat her inflammation and the pain she was experiencing. The dysplasia she had made her experience pain constantly and this lead to arthritis on her hip joint. She also had a tumor which made her experience chronic pain as it grew bigger by the day. As time passed, and her conditioned progressed, I could easily notice that Rosie was not the same. Before she was diagnosed, she had been an active dog, happy and with a great personality which lit up any room she walked into. Due to this health issues, she had now become lazy, lethargic, she also seemed visually depressed and even sad. As time progressed, she stopped taking an interest in activities she previously loved which included taking walks, and playing fetch in our backyard. This drastic transformation was depressing for my whole family. Fortunately, giving her CBD, helped get Rosie back to her normal self and she could now even do the activities she loved.

Just a week after using CBD, our dog looked happier and was even a bit more active. Within weeks, she could join in on our usual walks and would even want to play just as she was used to before. Her veterinarian also indicated that her inflammation on the hip was also reducing. The most important thing is that CBD allowed Rosie to be herself again and enjoy her final moments.  If you own a pet, you must know how worthy this feeling can be.


How Do You Give CBD to Horses? What’s a Proper Dosage?

Dosage is always dependent on the weight of a given pet. For horses, this automatically becomes more in comparison to cats or dogs. For Rosie, I had to combine different cannabidiol products.  I made use of the CBD oil anytime I realized that she was having acute symptoms and I needed her to get quick relief. Administration of the oil can be done sublingually (under the tongue of your pet), here, there is quick absorption via the mucous membranes. I also used dog treats that had been infused with CBD on occasions, these offer a slow but steady release of the CBD and the effects are long-lasting. I also made use of topical balms in spot treating inflammation on my dogs hip.  I did this mostly during the evening just before she went to bed to ensure that she experienced the long-lasting effect.

As far as horses are concerned, I recommend that you just use cannabidiol oils. The right amount is usually recommended by the manufacturer.


Choosing the Right CBD Product for Your Horse

While choosing the correct product to use on your horse, you should always factor in a couple of things. The very initial thing to consider should be the condition or symptoms that the horse is experiencing. A good example in case a horse is suffering from colic, the best product to use is one that can be ingested and one that is not intrusive and may cause them a stomach upset. In case the horse is experiencing chronic inflammation on its joints or different parts of its body topical options such as balms and sprays can work best. As I mentioned earlier, its best to use CBD oil. The oils offer a very easy process of administration which is done on the horse’s mouth offering quick relief to any symptoms experienced.  Majority of the oils have a dropper which eases the process of administration too.

There is one more thing that you need to remember while selecting CBD products to use on your horse. Horses are big animals and it is important to give them cannabidiol supplements specific to them or those designed for larger animals. It is important to finally focus on a product that is produced by a reputable company to ensure that you get a quality supplement.


The Top 2 CBD Brands to Consider

Cannabidiol has rapidly grown to become very popular and there are a couple of brands available in the market. Find below two products that I would highly encourage you  and especially if you have a horse to sample:

1. HempMy Pet

This brand has become a favorite for me lately and I encourage people to check it out. Quality is the major reason here. The company uses the quality ingredients available as production is done in-house. In this case, there is usually consistency in their products.  They offer an Equine Formula just meant for horses availed in a big 120ml bottle. The ingredients they use are organic as well as human grade. Basing on the research I conducted, I am convinced that this brand produces the best products due to the high-quality ingredients as well as the manufacturing processes involved.

They use hemp on the cannabidiol infused products that they produce. They own a farm where they cultivate the ingredients they use for production. I also harbor this feeling that this company is likely to become a leading brand in the “Pet CBD” niche pretty soon. You can check out the Full Spectrum Equine Formula from their site.

2. Canna-Pet

I also used their wide range of products on my dog and I can attest to the fact that I found them impressive due to the quality and results achieved from using their products. The company provides info on their site on the dosage to sue as well as diverse topics that pet owners will find useful while being in the know of the products they offer. This company is among a few who also produce pet products that are designed specifically for horses. Their mixtures have a specifically formulated extract from hemp and are availed in big bottles of 120ml. That said, I was grateful for the quality that the company provides, they also have great feedback on their site!

The only downside to their 120ml bottle as compared to that from HempMy Pet is their pricing which is a bit high. You can check out their products for horses here.


Are Other Owners Using CBD With Their Horses?

Being a pet owner means that each time we would like to have our pets taking medication that is already tested and can be skeptical about a new medication. The good news is that CBD  has been tested. There are so many pet owners across the globe who are utilizing cannabidiol products on their pets inclusive of cats, horses, and dogs. Mick, is a great example of a horse that has tendon branch lesions as well as arthritis in his fetlock joint. His owner used cannabidiol oil to aid him in dealing with the pain and inflammation as well as in speeding his recovery period.

From the time they started using CBD, the owner was able to ride him, the vet also noticed that Mick was becoming more comfortable. Kai is also a great example of a horse who has achieved good results using these products. Her owner noted that the inflammation and fluids that had built up from having arthritis had improved significantly. owner also confessed that her mood had improved even though she was seventeen years old. There are numerous horses out there who are enjoying the benefits that CBD provides.

I am certain about this due to the emails I have received recently on successful stories, brands have even begun promoting the said products. You may not have heard a lot of these stories as most of such are dog related but it is important to note that CBD is working for horses also.


The Best CBD Products for Horses

I highly recommend HempMy Pet’s Equine Formula is my #1 choice. I was impressed by the quality of their products and also about their formula that is specific to horses. Due to the fact that a horse is much bigger than a cat and a dog, the dosage is bigger. The 120ml(4 oz) bottle can last a couple of months. The company also offers you the correct dosing guidelines with their product. You can check out the company’s formula here.

I am so happy that you as our reader gets to enjoy this benefit.

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