If you have a cat, then you must know that she is the queen of your castle. She must be spoiled, enjoys playing as well as brightening up your normal nights in your home with all her theatrics. She must be very dear to you which must have you worried as far as her health is concerned. You must have heard of cannabidiol supplements as well as how efficient they are, there may be a chance that you may still have doubts concerning using them on your cat.

Cannabidiol has the ability for improving the health of your cat as well as the potential of preventing a diverse range of conditions likely to affect her in the future. I would like to give you a scoop on all the research I have done on cannabidiol for cats as well as give recommendations on a couple of products that are reliable and the ones you can use on your kitten.

Why Should You Give Your Cat CBD?

I believe you might have heard of CBD or even cannabidiol.  This small molecule found in cannabis, as well as hemp, has a lot of people talking about it due to its diverse range of benefits.

WHO has already come to a conclusion on what CBD is capable of treating, this is inclusive of:

• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Multiple sclerosis
• Huntington’s disease
• Pain
• Anxiety
• Cancer
• Nausea
• Inflammatory diseases
• Arthritis

This is the reason why:

As soon as CBD is taken into the body, it has some sought of interaction with the ECS system. The Endocannabinoid system is directly involved in the management of all types of process that are physiological which is inclusive of memory, fear and even inflammation as well as pain.

In this case, activation of the ECS, cannabidiol ends up having diverse effects on our bodies. A great example is the fact that there are studies that indicate that when the ECS system is activated, CBD is capable of reducing inflammation in different areas of the body.
There is some more research that indicates that CBD is capable of temporarily increasing serotonin amounts in the brain, this reduces symptoms of depression, stress as well as anxiety.

Majority of the studies conducted on Cannabidiol have entailed testing on lab animals or using vitro models, there are other clinical trials that have used humans to test the effects that CBD has.

That said, results from such studies are great. I know that you could be thinking:
“This sounds good, though how will I be certain that cannabidiol can benefit my cat in a similar way to humans?”

Cats actually give a similar response as that of humans to CBD because of the simple reason that they also have an ECS system. In reality, every mammal has an ECS system and this is the reason why CBD has on most occasions been tested on rats as well as mice.

What changes is the cannabis dosage that you can administer on your pet as they are small sized and they would, therefore, need small dosing of cannabidiol in comparison to human bodies? You can find further details on this on my page on CBD dosage.

You may still have another question on your mind: “Can CBD make my cat high?”

To answer your question, this is not true. CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis and therefore it does not have the psychoactive effects that we commonly link to the buzz created by cannabis. THC is the compound that brings these effects as it is the major psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.

CBD can produce both a calming and alerting effect though it does not get your pet high as cannabis or even THC would. This is covered in details on my page on CBD safety.

What Cat Symptoms and Ailments Can CBD Help With?

As earlier mentioned cannabidiol has diverse advantages.  It is able to help with the below cat health issues:

  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea and even vomiting
  • Reduced appetite
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

CBD for Cats

Cat beside CBD oil
Cannabidiol oil is a very effective oil for cats suffering from different ailments which is inclusive of nausea, pain, seizures, inflammation and much more. Being a natural supplement,  it interacts with the ECS system to bring about relief to diverse ailments. The oil is safe for the majority of cats and a lot of pet owners have reported great outcomes.

How Do You Give Your Cat CBD?

CBD is a pretty popular supplement. This can be done in a couple of ways.

A great way to administer CBD is via a cannabidiol oil such as that which HolistaPet offers, we will be looking at this in more details. Their oils have hemp extracts that have different levels of cannabidiol.

These are very easy to use for administration as they are availed with droppers that allow you to measure the amounts of cannabidiol you can give to a pet.

Immediately you figure out the correct dosage to administer to your pet, apply this directly under the tongue or on the lip of the pet.

Absorption of the oil takes place via the mucous membranes found in the pet’s mouth which allows it to act and relieve symptoms quickly. Sadly, this may not be so simple, cats have a tendency of fighting back while trying to medicate them and this cannot be compared to dogs.

Another option would be adding cannabidiol oil to food or even water that you give to your pet, you should, however, remember that this oil passes via a digestive tract and takes  45 minutes to be absorbed.

Another option form oil could be CBD capsules or treas. Capsules are great as they can be hidden in different snacks, they can also be opened up and combined with food making things easier for you since each capsule has a certain amount of dosage.

There are limited brands that produce CBD treats specifically for cats. The good news is that HolistaPet does this, their treats are very easy to administer to your cat.

How to Choose the Right CBD Product for Your Cat?

Selecting the correct cannabidiol product to give to your cat is highly dependent on their symptoms. In case the kitten is suffering from acute symptoms which is inclusive of pain as well as inflammation, you may need to utilize a product that acts fast such as cannabidiol oil.

In instances where the cat is experiencing chronic pain or persistent conditions, you could choose to use capsules as well as treats. As earlier on mentioned, supplements swallowed alongside food need to go via the digestive tract and later absorbed in order for them to be effective.

In as much as capsules, oils and treats taken with food would take time to be absorbed, they give a slow and stable release of the effects and this lasts longer. This is a great option for the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and pain.

It is also important to take into consideration the response your cat gives to medication.In case your cat cannot take up the oil below the tongue, you can add this to the food you give them even if this takes longer to be effective.

The Top CBD Brands for Cats

I guess you now have more insight on CBD, below is a list of some of the best products for your cat that you can check out.

  1. HolistaPet

This brand happens to be at the topmost of my recommendations for products specific to cats. This company is a bit newer and has so far received great feedback from pet owners around the nation.

The one thing I love most about this company is the fact that they give diverse alternatives for cats and their pricing is great. They happen to be the only brand that provides all the three kinds of CBD that is specific to cats:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Treats

Actually, this company ’s cat treats are very popular and have already received great reviews. They do not have grains and have a salmon flavor which most cats adore. Every one of their treats has 2 milligrams of cannabidiol as well as different healthy components.

They also provide clear guidelines on the dosage to ensure the correct use of the treats.

  1. Canna-Pet

This also happens to be popular for their cannabidiol pet supplements. I have utilized their products with Rosie my dog and I am totally okay recommending them to those who own cats.

With my dog, I utilized their oil as well as their treats as she loved the flavor the treats had, there are some CBD products that have bitterness in flavor which can be a put off for some pets. In the case of cats, I recommend using these brands Small CBD capsules.

The capsules have 170 milligrams of the hemp extract, they are also simple to administer. These can be hidden in the treat or food or opened and mixed with a meal given to your pet or their water.

It is important to note that  CBD capsules take a bit longer to be effective. That said, capsules happen to be a good method of getting the correct dosage without the need of administering this sublingually.

My personal recommendation is to use these brands products because of the reasons below:

  • Their products are of great quality.
  • Their packaging is detailed and clear instruction on dosage and application are indicated.
  • Their capsules provide clear dosing and they also mask the bitter taste of cannabidiol.

I have used their products before on my dog Rosie and was totally impressed.

Are Cats Having Success With CBD?

Pet owners across the world have seen great results while using CBD with their pets. Personally, I saw great results with my pet and I am sure there are other pet owners out there writing about their experiences too.

There are so many cat owners online sharing their stories on their success too and this has been nothing but inspirational. A great example is Zoey twelve years old, who suffered a really bad fall a couple years back.

This Screenshot is borrowed from  Canna-Pet.com Upon removal of the cast, she was limping badly and also experienced pain caused by arthritis. This led to her being put under painkillers that gave her side effects.

In only a month under CBD, she was back to her normal self and experienced relief from pain without experiencing side effects!

PJ is another great example.

This Screenshot is borrowed from Canna-Pet.com This cat is older, her owners confessed that apart from the kidney issues she had, she was experiencing very extreme seizures.

The prescription she was given was expensive, this prompted her owners to try CBD.  The moment she started using CBD, her seizures reduced as well as the stress levels. She has gotten back to shape and her owners are impressed by this.

There is also Gideon. He has been experiencing extreme anxiety.

This Screenshot is borrowed from Canna-Pet.com. On learning about the benefits of CBD, the owners decided to try this on Gideon and were totally blown by the results.

Currently, traveling for Gideon as well as his babysitters has become easier. He also experiences less stress during his grooming sessions.

The above are just three examples among hundreds of cats who have experienced great results using CBD.  These cats used CBD products offered by Canna-Pet, you can check out their site from here.

What’s the Best CBD Product for Cats?

My top of the listed brand for cannabidiol cat products is HolistaPet, the company provides oils, treats and oils ensuring they ease the process of controlling the dosage you can administer to your pet anytime they need it. I highly recommend that you visit HolistaPet’s site to get insight into every product they offer as they are designed for cats specifically.

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